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Përkthimet & Konsulta Biznesi

Cmimet në USD

Përkthim materialesh (Anglisht ose Shqip)

$10 (për faqe)

Pagesë konsulence biznesi

$20 (60 minuta)

White Papers, Strategies and Accreditation Fees

Prices in USD

Concept Note of Ten-Twelve Pages

$500 (per paper)

White Paper or Policy Paper or Strategy Paper for your institutions or organizations, and/or business  

$1000 (24 pages)

Business Plans


Accreditation Fee

Other expenses covered by the school or college, university, or any other health institution or organization, church organization, business and other fields of accreditation covered under the Accreditation Banner under About Us for a 3-4 days duration of the Site Team Visit. A Site Team is made of 3 to 4 Members, according to the size of your organization that needs accreditation.

$500 (plus all travel and lodging expenses)

Tutoring for K-12 Students & University

Prices in USD

K-12 Students Tutoring

$10 (for 60 minutes)

University Students Tutoring

$15 (for 60 minutes)

Documents for International Universities in Foreign Countries

$20 (for 60 minutes)

Credit hour per Student

$30.00 (thirty U.S. dollars per every Semester A or a 8 weeks-long module). So, for one 3 credit hours class x $30.00 per Credit Hour = $90.00 per class + $10.00 Technology Fee = $100.00 (One-hundred U.S. dollars per class in a 8-week Module Class).

$30 (per credit hour)

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